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This stunning building, Boston Guildhall, shares stories from the past about the building itself and its place in Boston's History - from the days of the early Guildsmen through to the time it spent as a British Restaurant.

The Permanent Exhibitions and tales about each of the rooms and what they were used for, stories of events and their role in history can be explored as you take a walk through this beautiful medieval building.

In addition to our permanent displays we also have a temporary exhibitions space giving the opportunity for more of our objects from our collections and stories from the town to be shared.

Here are some of our previous temporary exhibitions if you missed them.


Victorian Boston


In addition to our temporary exhibitions which are alternated twice a year, we also currently have the  Boston Big Dig finds on long term display in the chapel.  These are finds from Boston's Market Place in 2011 when almost 100 volunteers from the town got involved to investigate what secrets could be found beneath the surface!  The duration of the excavation was just three weeks, but it is amazing what treasures were uncovered during this archaeological dig on our doorstep.