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Find our more about Boston and the history of the town by exploring the Guildhall and our exhibitions as they share exciting tales of Boston's rich history! Find out about Boston's role in foreign lands and the famous people of the town who explored! How Boston made its fortune and how the port rivaled even that of London in trade with London Royal Court visiting our fairs! Hear tales of punishment and learn about the Pilgrim Fathers who are believed to have been tried in our Court Room and held in the cells...

We can accommodate all age groups and are fully accessible. We welcome schools and other organisations to visit and conduct self led tours and activities.  Information relating to our trails and other activities available should be requested before the date of your visit and we are happy to liaise and guide the lead educator through the building to highlight activities that groups may enjoy and answer any questions you may have prior to the day.

The maximum in any group party we would suggest is 30, ideally split into two groups, one to explore our first floor whilst the others discover the ground floor, and then switch round!

If you wish to visit us during our usual opening hours Wednesday - Saturday, 10:30 - 3:30, you are able to conduct your self led tours and activities for FREE! However please do contact us before to book your visit and to confirm that we are able to accommodate your experience. We would recommend that you allow an hour to explore the building and exhibitions.

Alternatively on a Monday or Tuesday, and outside of our usual opening hours, we may still be able to help by appointment when a small fee will be charged for access.

To find out more and to book your visit please Contact us

In addition to self led tours we are also able to offer loan boxes to schools and organisations.  We have two themes - Medieval and Tudor.  Both themes comprise of two boxes and contain a mixture of original artefacts and replica items, supported with activity sheets and object descriptions.  If you wish to learn more about these resources or to book them please contact us.  They are available for free, the loaning party is to collect and return them as agreed.