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Lincolnshire was known as Bomber County - with 28 bomber command bases, the most in any county, and by the end of the war there were 49 airfields in Lincolnshire.  This rich heritage can be investigated further through the website visit Lincolnshire's Aviation Heritage Lincolnshire page where aviation sites, events and trails can be found to help guide visitors through the history.

But how was Boston affected? What role did the town play in the war effort?  A short video was filmed in 1943 of the town and can be found on YouTube

This film promotes country living, showing the people living here in Boston as happy hard working people contributing to the war effort.  The Guildhall was featured in the production, and the painting in the Council Chamber of Sir Joseph Banks can be seen when the Guildhall's role became that of a British Restaurant.  The tower of the church St Botolph's was very important to air crew, used by British and American pilots as a signpost to guide them.  The Luftwaffe also found it a very useful landmark - perhaps one of the reasons why Boston suffered so few air strikes.

After Dunkirk, local defence was provided by the 6th Battalion of the Queens Regiment.  In January 1944 the 1st Air Landing Light Regiment of the Royal Artillery was posted here to join the 1st Airborne Division in Boston.  The 1st Airborne Division took part in the Battle of Arnhem. They continued their training but described the local area as "a marvellous place for the troops, with two dance halls, four cinemas, 83 pubs and the girls used to whistle at us; but being in the fens, the area was useless when it came to gunnery practice".

St John's Workhouse served HMS Arbella for the Navy during the war, requisitioned by the Royal Navy, the name HMS Arbella was given by the local vicar. It was the name of the flag ship of fleet which had sailed for America in 1630, named after the wife of one of the men on board.

Boston and the local area was also used in films to represent the Netherlands, notably "One of our Aircraft is Missing" - the fens providing a similar landscape to that across the water which at the time of the filming could not be accessed.

This exhibition is running into the New Year.  

10:30am - 3:30pm, last admission 3pm.

Free Admission!!



Knights of Skirbeck!


The Knights of Skirbeck are joining us again this year - with medieval re-enactments that share how life would have been during the time that the Guildhall was built they are a wonderful group to interactive with or observe from a distance and learn more about Boston during the late 1300's and 1400's.  With demonstrations including food, dentistry, games, Armour and more they are sure to be of entertainment for all.  The opportunity for visitors of all ages to hold a sword or wear a helmet, listen to stories and enjoy the fashions of the time plus so much more brings the Guildhall to life and offers an alternative experience.

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The Knights will be here

Friday 29th and Saturday 30th July

Friday 28th and Saturday 29th October

10:30am - 3:30pm, last admission 3pm.

Free Admission!!



Festival of Archaeology

Visit Boston Guildhall during the Festival of Archaeology 2016 and discover archaeology finds of the town - including those found in the Market Place during the Boston Big Dig in 2011 when volunteers from the community excavated three pits.  Alongside these discoveries, material from our permanent archaeology collection will also be on display with objects dating back to Roman and Medieval times.  Explore our sandpit boxes with hidden treasures or take our archaeologist quiz!  Join us on the 29th & 30th July when the Knights of Skirbeck, a medieval re-enactment group, bring to life stories of the past!


Saturday 16th July until Saturday 30th July here at Boston Guildhall

Wednesday - Saturday only.

10:30am - 3:30pm, last admission 3pm.

Free Admission!!

Please be aware that we are available for private hire, please check with us if there's been any amendments to our opening hours before you visit.


Co-ordinated by the Council for British Archaeology, the 2015 Festival offered hundreds of events nationwide, organised by museums, heritage organisations, national and country parks, universities, local societies, and community archaeologists.

The 26th Festival of Archaeology will take place between the 16 - 31 July 2016.


Heritage Open Days

This years theme for Lincolnshires Heritage Open Days is Natural Lincolnshire.

Visit the Guildhall to discover the works of Jean Ingelow and WB Thomas alongside other material from the museum collections to illustrate through paint and word the natural beauty of Boston and the surrounding fens and waterways.

Lincolnshire Heritage Open Days is pat of the National and European Heritage Open Days initative that takes place every September.

Heritage Open Days offical dates are Thursday 8th - Sunday 11th September but as we are closed on Sundays our dates will run from Wednesday 7th - Saturday 10th September in support of this event.  However the exhibition will run through in to 2017.

Wednesday - Saturday Only

10:30am - 3:30pm, last admission 3pm.

Free Admission!!

If visiting outside of the dates Wednesday 7th - Saturday 10th September please be aware that we are available for private hire, please check with us if there's been any amendments to our opening hours before you visit.